Shamgar e1344515434367 Shamgar Ben Eliyahu, Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem  B.A.   Mathematics & Computer Sciences  1980

Hebrew University of Jerusalem  M.Sc.   Biological Psychology  1983

UCLA, Dept. of Psychology  Ph.D.   Physiological Psychology    1986

UCLA, Depts. of Anat. & Psychiatry  Post-doc   Neuroimmunology  1990

UCLA, Brain Research Institute  Post-doc  Endocrinology of Reproduction   1991

Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Psychology   Senior Lecturer  1993-1998

Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Psychology  Associate Professor  1998-2003

Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Psychology  Full Professor  2003-

I am a neuroscientist specializing in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI). The field of PNI studies interactions between the central nervous system (CNS), the endocrine system, and the immune system. Bidirectional influences between these systems affect susceptibility to diseases, cognition, mood, and behavior. Within the realm of PNI, my main research interests are the impacts of surgery and stress (and their associated bioactive substances) on cell-mediated immunity (specifically NK cells) and on resistance to tumor metastasis and tumor progression.ScreenShot106 Shamgar Ben Eliyahu, Ph.D.

My studies are conducted using animal models, human subjects and patients, and aim at understanding underlying mechanisms in view of clinical implications. Among current and future research plans, are clinical studies of prophylactic measures against the immunosuppressive and metastasis-promoting effects of surgery in cancer patients. These studies are based, among other things, on findings from our ongoing animal and human studies.

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